Here’s what our customers said about Baby Cakes by Trisha:

Just want you to know that a friend of our son and his wife sent them a baby arrangement that you made. It is a diaper buggy filled with toys, shampoo etc. It is absolutely the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! I’m sure they’ll hate to take it apart! ~Shelley, April 2015

Thanks so much for the awesome diaper cake!  Trisha – you did a beautiful job on the cake.  I love it! ~Krista, January 2015

Thanks so much for the beautiful baby cake! It was so perfect, and she loved the little monster!! ~Rachel, March 2014

Trisha thank you again so much for the diaper cake 🙂 it’s awesome! I love it! ~Alicia, March 2014

Hi Trisha, You did such a great job on the baby gift, I absolutely love it! Thank you for taking your time on it, I really appreciate it. I will definitely be giving your card out to my friends. ~Erin, October 2013

Trisha, Thank you so much for the beautiful baby cake arrangement! We really appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness! Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts! ~Marco & Priscilla, July 2013

Thank you so much for your beautiful gift. The baby bouquet was so thoughtful and creative, we loved it. ~Jim, Laura & Jaymie, February 2013

Hi Trisha, thank you for the beautiful cake. Candice was very happy to get, so thank you for the wonderful job you did. Really appreciate it! ~Barbara, July 2012

Trisha, Thank you so much for the baby cake you made for my shower. It was gorgeous. The buggy bliss was filled with so much that we needed for our precious baby boy. I’m so lucky to have such a creative friend like you. All the personal touches were amazing! You are so talented! ~Candice, July 2012

Hi Trisha, Just thought I’d let u know, the baby cake and baby bouquet was a great hit. Thanks again for the wonderful creations! ~Diane, February 2012

The baby shower went great and everyone loved your cake! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job; the mother absolutely loved it! ~Kim, January 2012

Hi Trisha, Your diaper cake was a real hit. All of the little girls wanted me to take off the wrapping so they could have the teddy bear. Melissa loved everything, the diapers and all the additional touches. Thanks so much for all your hard work. ~Lorrie, October 2011

Trisha, Thank you so much for another Beautiful Creation! I am really looking forward to being a cloth diapering momma! ~Angela, Chris, Bryton & Brooklyn, August 2011

Hi Trisha, I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful baby cakes you made for us! They are so nice I almost didn’t want to unwrap them. 🙂 ~Elizabeth, August 2011

Hey, the shower went really well. Everyone was so impressed by the cake. It looked amazing! Thank you so much. ~Stacy, July 2011

Hey Trisha! The cake was great! Thank you so much for getting it done with such short notice! It was definitely a big hit at the shower! ~Rachel, July 2011

Thank you for my awesome diaper cake. Tita Trisha, you are so creative and I love all my new toys. Mommy and Daddy didn’t want to take it apart. But, I wanted to wear the outfit you gave me and plus . . . I needed a diaper change. ~Samantha, June 2011

She loved the cake. You were also a big hit in the office. Great job. ~Lora, June 2011

When I first saw one of these “babycakes” made by my good friend Trisha Santos, I honestly thought it was 3 tier cake, but it was actually a cake made out of baby products. It was one of the most creative gifts I have ever seen. If you need a gift for a special baby in your life, please take a look at her creations and consider giving Trish a call 🙂 ~ Rix

I don’t have to think about what gifts to get for babies anymore. Such a great idea to do what’s practical (diapers) and still add on little things on the baby momma’s registry. Thanks Trisha:) ~Joy, May 2011

Hi Trisha, Thank you again so much for all your help and work and for accommodating the rush order! You were so great to deal with – you’re awesome 🙂 The baby cake was incredible 🙂 The cake was a huge hit and I will be passing your cards around with much praise. ~Antonella, May 2011

I just like to say thank you for the great gift idea you all came up for Bodhi. Bodhi has pretty much used up every diaper in his gift!! – B
Trish you did an amazing job on Bodhi’s cake! Thank you! Rachel ~Brandon & Rachel, March 2011

Hi Trisha! Thank you so much for the gorgeous Baby’s First Christmas diaper cake! I loved showing it off to everyone and telling them that I won it! Everyone (including baby Filippo) loved it! It is the most useful thing anyone could ever ask for. I loved the added touches (such as the outfit, blanket, rattle, bear and especially the My 1st Christmas hat!). Thanks again Trisha…you are the best! ~Teresa, January 2011

Thank you so so much for the BEAUTIFUL and very thoughtful gift! You are so talented! The clothes are so cute! Thank you again. ~Nicole, Shane & Holden, September 2010

Trisha, thank you for the amazing tigger flower bouquet. It got many great comments at the party. It is still not taken apart! ~Matt, Hil, Hunter & Cadence, July 2010

Hi Trisha, My friends got me a diaper carriage for my baby shower, and it was amazing!!! Thanks ~Natalia, June 2010

We loved the Baby Bouquet! Many people thought it was real flowers, it looked amazing and we have used everything in it. ~Janette, Ross & Finn, June 2010

thanks trisha!! they LOVED your cake 🙂 i need to get my hands on one sometime! ~Karen, May 2010

We were so surprised when your mom and dad gave it to us. I remembered telling Keith before I wish Trisha was able to ship her diaper cakes. I really wanted one for my baby shower. And now it’s here! I was so excited! Thank u so much! =) ~Cathy, April 2010

This was so awesome!! Thanks again for making Erik something so unique! ~Sarah, March 2010

Hi Trisha, The shower was on Saturday and the diaper cake was a huge success!! Thank you again for doing such a super job. It was really nice to meet you too. Thanx again ~Doreen, November 2009

Hi Trisha, Just want to thank you for making the beautiful baby cake, you are truly talented. I had seen your work before and thought “What a great gift for a shower” little did I know I was going to get one myself. I’m sure this won’t be the last baby cake we will order from you.
Thank-you. ~Sonia, November 2009

Thank you so much for such a perfect gift. It was such a perfect addition to the decor. I love the stencil name, I can’t wait to put it up on her bedroom wall!!! ~Trisha, November 2009

Hi Trisha, I just wanted to thank you again for the lovely job you did on the cake. Jake and Michelle loved it. I made sure to hand out your cards as well. Everyone loved it. Thanks again! ~Lisa, October 2009

Thanks you so much for all the hard work you put into making a diaper cake for us. One of my favourite outfits was in the cake! I have used everything that you put in it. It turned out awesome and I am definitely going to recommend your business to those I know as you create some of the most creative diaper cakes I have seen. I am so happy for you and wish you nothing but the best with your business!
~Angela, October 2009

Trisha, Thank you for taking the time to put together a beautiful diaper cake for one of my good friends. My friend absolutely loved it! Your ideas are fresh and exciting! ~Priscilla, July 2009

You did an amazing job! Thank you so much! ~Amber, July 2009

Dear Trisha, Thank you so much for all your hard work buying and assembling the Diaper Cake. It turned out beautifully! Nathan and I had lots of fun taking it apart! I especially liked how every part of it was so useful. What a great idea! ~Rosalie, Nathan & Caleb, March 2009